Custom Patches – Outside the Box

Many people and advertisements convince people to think outside the box. However, in this concept, no one would think to apply it on patches. Gone are the times when patches are used for clothing and other cloth items inside the house. Now, patches get more attention. Patches are now used for different purposes. People have started to see the potential within these patches and are exploring new possible uses. Now, you can have custom patches made to best suit the purpose that you have in mind.

You will notice that you now see patches in different places. Of course, you can still see it in people’s clothing but now, it does not just serve the purpose of mending. Aside from style, you will see that it has inevitably developed into a multi-purpose item that is becoming even more indispensable each day.

One of its best purposes nowadays is branding. It helps businesses in unimaginable ways especially when you have come to know patches simply as solutions to clothing dilemmas. There are many reasons why custom patches work well with businesses.

wool patches

• Employee Uniform :

This is perfect for businesses   with many employees. As opposed to plain uniforms, patches make it more professional. When worn, it sends the message that the employees are proud to work for the company without actually saying it. This special patch shows that the company gives attention to the smallest details, including the details on the employees’ uniform. When your employee wears it outside the store, it is also an instant walking billboard. When applicable, you can also put it on hats, aprons, and vests. This will make your business stand out and people will definitely notice.

• Let’s Go Logo :

A logo is a must for all businesses. Now, you can also turn your logo into custom patches. This can be sewn or glued to just about any surface. Therefore, you get instant advertisement right where and when you need it. This is one major branding step which will lead easy recognition. Who knows, it might even end up on logo quizzes.

• Customized means Flexible :

Custom-made patches are as flexible as an Olympic gymnast. It can go anyway you want. You can choose its material, design, and its purpose.You can have it in cotton, jersey, denim, wool, fleece, and many others. Just make sure to consider the material where you will put the patch on so you can also choose the best patch material.

• Customized Customer Service.

In any business, it is very important to have reliable customer service. It makes your customers feel special. It also shows that your relationship with your customer does not end in the purchase. This relationship should go on, making sure that the customer remains satisfied, if not amazed with the performance of your product or the quality of your service. Now, you can even make customer service a personalized experience. With your business logo, you can also have the name of your customer service representative embroidered on his or her uniform. That way, the customer will know instantly who they are speaking with. Matched with the right attitude, your customers will love both the business and its patches.

• Perfect to a Tee :

Everybody loves giveaways. Therefore, whenever you hold an event, make sure that you have some freebies to hand out. You can give shirts to multiple customers or give tees away for contest winners. This will make your customers feel special and connected to your business. You may have to shell out a minimal amount of money but it will serve as an advertisement as people wear these shirts. You can also do these for hats and other articles of clothing. Make sure to incorporate custom patches of your logo in all of these.

Have fun with your patches and share the beauty and vision of your business. This is a clear proof that you can use patches for many other purposes if you would just think outside the box.