End Fitting Options to Order with Badge Lanyards

Ordering the best badge lanyards for a client is possible with the available customizations from providers. Service providers offer a lineup of different neck strap materials and other printing options for branding. However, providers also sell different types of end fittings that match clients’ preferences.To know more visit the-lanyard-factory.

End fittings refer to the attachments placed on the end part of lanyards, usually below the crimp coupler that ties the strap ends together. These attachments hold ID cards and badges. Common options in customizing end fittings include the following:

Split Key Ring

Split key rings are the common standard options extended by lanyard makers. They are among the simplest version of end fittings and usually offered for free in ordering customized ID holders. They are the same rings placed on key chains. This end fitting type’s design works well with grummet-lined round holes on IDs.


Straps are also among the usual standard options. This item is made from either transparent or translucent vinyl plastic. It is flexible and comes with stainless steel buttons for securing ID cards. Unlike split key rings, straps will only fit long ID holes. Since they are made from flexible plastic, customers can order the strap with badge lanyards without worries because they will not damage ID holes even without grummets.


Clips are shaped like alligator clips only with wider noses. They secure IDs by clipping on to long ID holes. They come in metallic and plastic options, so customers can choose those matching their chosen lanyard design. In some varieties, clips can be attached to a vinyl strap and contribute to lanyards’ length.

Card Clamps

Badge LanyardsCard clamps look like regular clips, but with differences at the nose part. Regular clips have thinner and somewhat sharper teeth, which can cause dents on IDs. A card clamp has a gripper pad that gives it a smoother edge and hold cards without leaving dents. The gripper pad makes it possible for this end fitting to hold plain cards or the type of ID cards without punched holes. They can be placed on badge lanyards as one of the special options.


Hooks may also fall under standard option depending on the type offered by service providers. Hooks without special locking mechanisms or latches may be free standard options. In the past, hooks are only used for IDs with round holes. Nowadays, hooks designed for long holes are available as additional options for customizing ID holders. Users need to slip these hooks to long ID holes.

Hooks usually come in metallic options, but plastic options are currently sold to provide variety on ID laces.

Metal Ends

Metal ends are used for badge lanyards that are not coupled together using a crimp lock. Metal ends are elongated pieces attached on strap’s ends and placed through the holes. Lanyards with this end fitting are used on cardholders with a hole on each corner. The metal ends hook IDs on to the lanyard even without forming the strap into a loop. Once in, metal ends’ lengths will keep the neck strap from slipping out of the holes.

Badge Reels

Badge reels are famous options because of their ability to boost lanyard length. It has a durable thread that can be stretched whenever user needs to flash his badge. The upper part of the reel is attached to the end part of the lanyard. Reels have vinyl straps used for holding IDs.

There are many badge lanyards available currently. What makes them extra unique is the use of end fittings for securing ID cards. Choose from a long list of these options to suit your preferred lanyard design and budget.

Tips on Selling Your Hamptons Real Estate

Located on the eastern end of Long Island, The Hamptons is a group villages that are located in the towns of Southampton and East Hamptons, thus their name. The area is well known for its popular seaside resorts and is one of America’s historical summer colonies. Its popularity for being a seaside summer destination makes it one of the most expensive residential properties in the United States. This makes it a highly lucrative piece of real estate and a difficult one to sell due to it being one of America’s most expensive real estate. However, there are tips on how one can sell a piece of Hamptons real estate.

Make your property stand out from the rest

One of the best ways to sell anything in the market is to make it unique among the competition. The same is definitely true for real estate. There are several ways to make it stand out like decorating your roofs or having unique plants in your garden. You can also resort to great landscaping of the lot. One can also use unique colors that would make it easily stand out. However, it must blend in well with the rest of the landscape and its surrounding community.

Make sure everything in your property is fixed

real estateIf you really want people to buy your Hamptons real estate, it is then important that everything in your property must be in perfect working condition. You must fix all the broken utility lines like the electric cables and the water lines. You must also patch up any physical damages on your home like scratches, dents, missing tile pieces, and broken door knobs. You must also make your home compliant to the areas building codes as to assure the safety of the property’s potential occupants.

Take photos of your property and post it online

Selling Hamptons real estate, just like with property from other places, is a game of show, don’t tell. So, it is necessary that you must have something to show to prospecting buyers and the best way to show your property is through pictures. Now, before you take a photo of your property, make sure that it can be properly captured on photographs. The photos should be ready for posting online for people generally or buyers specifically to see. You can have it posted in a real estate site or if you want a greater reach, you can post it through social media.

Clean and de-clutter your property

The last thing any potential buyer wants in a property being sold is dirt and clutter. No one wants to have the keys to a house that is full of dirt and unnecessary stuff that only consumes space. You must then remove everything that is simply unnecessary for the prospecting buyers like your big cabinets or the frame of your bed. They only consume space, which make rooms look smaller. Chances are, these buyers do have their own furniture with them. You must also make an effort to clean your property of every dirt, dust, and spider web that clutter your property.

Get to know your competition

It is already tough to sell a piece of property to a client in itself. It is made even tougher when you think about your competitors doing the same thing.  The only way to beat the competition is to know what your competition is offering and what he has up his sleeves. The Hamptons is a highly priced, affluent residential area that holds lucrative prospects for anyone who wishes to earn from selling Hamptons real estate. Bagging more deals than your competitors will no doubt prove to be profitable for you.

Eight Situations Where Lanyards Are Widely Used

Lanyards are well-known for being able to secure different kinds of things, ranging from cards and keys to phones and wallets. The universal function of these items lies in their ability to carry things and prevent them from being lost. With this universal function, many people have used them in their everyday lives, and it can be evidently seen on the roads especially in areas where there are crowded people.

LanyardsAlso, with this universal function, people have learned to use lanyards in different situations. The following are eight situations where they are widely used:

1. Identification

They are used primarily for identification purposes. Securing an identification card of a particular institution or company, these items help authorities determine the affiliation of a particular person. Also, if in case that person gets lost, he will have no difficulty finding his way back because he can always ask other people about his destination using the card or the lanyard.

2. Promotion

These items are also used to promote a particular brand, organization, institution, or concept. Utilized in a marketing concept, lanyards are used to create an impression that a particular brand is currently making its name in the market. Utilized in campaigns, these items seek to bring a message to people, that a person supports a particular cause. One of the most prominent campaigns is that of Breast Cancer awareness, wherein advocates and supporters wear a pink ribbon or lanyard to support the cause.

3. Election

One of the most effective means to campaign during an election is through the use of lanyards. Because the materials used in making these items are relatively cheap, they are usually distributed as campaign materials. They are also used in events where a particular candidate is going to speak in front of a crowd. Also, aside from a sign suggesting support of the candidate, these items when worn by a person also suggest his support of that candidate’s advocacies in public office.

4. Fashion

These items are also used in fashion and designing. Usually crafted in the form of necklaces, these items can also be used as a substitute for expensive accessories such as diamond-clad bracelets. Also, these can be paired with other accessories to create a fashionable design usable at home, at work, or in school.

5. Sports

LanyardThese items are used to secure important paraphernalia in sports and training such as whistles, stopwatches, sunglasses, and water bottles. These items ensure that athletes and trainers can easily get such things whenever needed without exerting too much effort or wasting too much time. A unique use of these items is when players using a badminton or tennis racket attach it on their hands so that the racket will not fly away should they perform a relatively strong swing.

6. Communication and entertainment

These items are also used to secure items used in communication and entertainment such as cellular phones and music players. This is handy especially when a person is multi-tasking. For instance, when he is jogging, he can listen to music or talk to someone by securing his music player or phone, respectively.

7. Recreation

They are also used to secure items used for recreation, particularly when a person goes hiking or does pottery.

8. Anti-theft

This is the main reason why a lot of people use lanyards. Because valuable items such as cellular phones, finance cards (such as credit and ATM cards), and identification cards are relatively easy to steal, most people secure them using cords.

There are other uses of these items in today’s world. However, at these situations, a person will likely appreciate the importance of these versatile accessories in his everyday life.

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Getting to Know the Different Types of Printed Circuit Boards

All modern electronic devices now have a printed circuit board integrated within. These boards play very important roles in allowing interactive and intelligent services to users. Computers, TVs, coffee makers, refrigerators, washing machines and mobile phones all have PCBs that run their functions, allowing users for smart use. Most modern PCBs are made of laminated plastics that have soldered chips, metal circuits, sockets, different components and cables.

Types of printed circuit board

Over the years, there were many PCB types made in response to the growing need for increasingly sophisticated devices. There are various classifications, which includes according to type of substrate and how the layers were manufactures.The different types according to substrate material include the FR-2 paper/phenolic, FR-4 epoxy, and FR-4 high and ultra-high performance.

Printed circuit boardsThe FR-2 Paper/Phenolic type of PCB uses synthetic resin bonded paper. This is a composite material produced from paper, which is impregnated with plasticized resin of phenol formaldehyde. The FR-2 sheet is most commonly used in the manufacture of low-end kinds of consumer electronic equipment.

The FR-4 Epoxy board is made of fiberglass cloth that is woven together using an epoxy resin as a binder. This binding material is flame-resistant, which means it has self-extinguishing capabilities. When electrical fires break out within the circuit, the natural characteristic of the substrate material discourages the fire from building up and spreading to other parts.

The FR-4 material has nearly zero absorptive capacity, which means it does not absorb moisture that can be produced from the heat generated by electrical conduction. It also high values when it comes to mechanical strength. This means that the fiberglass substrate is able to withstand pressure and stress. Also, the high electrical insulating qualities as well as physical values are retained in both humid and dry operating conditions. Because of these characteristics, FR-4 epoxy PCBs function more often as electrical insulators.

Printed circuit boardAlso, fiberglass has very high flammability values. This means that extremely high temperatures are needed before the material bursts into flames. For a fiberglass substrate to be considered as FR-4 and flame retardant, it must pass the standards of at least a UL 94 V-1a for plastics flammability.Epoxies used should also be heat resistant, to avoid degradation when heat and moisture are generated when the device is used. The most common material used is brominated epoxy.

An FR-4 high and ultra-high performance printed circuit board is most often used for consumer electronics that are battery-powered and require circuit boards that are highly dependable. This maximizes the autonomy of the device, allowing for longer life and consistent function. These qualities are even more crucial for instruments and equipment used for military and aerospace applications, rapidly performing computer servers, and medical equipment and electronic instrument crucial for maintaining life. Most of these circuit boards used for these sensitive applications are PTFE-based. This is polytetrafluoroethylene, which allows for dielectric permitivity (Dk) and loss tangent (Df).

PCBs are also classified according to the layer of substrates used. This classification includes the single-sided board, double-sided board and the multi-layered board. For more detail information about different types of Printed Circuit Boards you can rely on pcbnet.com.

A single-sided printed circuit board is the simplest type. The substrate comes in a single layer. All of the electronic components and parts are grouped o one side of the side and all the copper traces in the other.A double-sided PCB is the most commonly used type. Parts and components of the circuit are attached on both sides of the board’s substrate. There are connecting traces on the upper and lower surfaces of the substrate to ensure continuity of the connections.

There are multiple layers of substrate found in a multi-layered type of circuit board. The layers are separated by insulating material. These boards may have 4, 6, 8 or 10 layers. Some may even exceed 42 layers. Multi-layered boards are more commonly used in devices, equipment and instruments that require electronic circuits that are extremely complex.

Planning for a Funeral Service

Planning for a funeral service is never easy, whether it is for a loved one or for you. Making the arrangements entails a lot of decisions regarding the ceremony, reception, program, cemetery details and other things related. The difficulty is further compounded when there is no pre-planning. This is due to the fact that those left behind have to deal with all the decision-making while going through the emotionally-charged grieving process.

Benefits of Planning Ahead

Nowadays, more people are starting to accept that planning ahead for a funeral is more practical. Pre-planning is more sensible because it lessens the emotional burdens on the family of the one who died. To make big decisions while still reeling from the loss is easier said than done. Economically, this is also beneficial because family members are not left with the challenge of raising funds to pay for costs.

Steps to Follow

funeralPlan your (Or your Loved One’s) Funeral. One of the good things about planning ahead is you are able to incorporate more meaning to the funeral. This is so because pre-planning is being done on a clear head minus the emotions.You must put in mind that the funeral services should bestow importance to the person’s life. The service should embody the person for whom it is for. There is a growing trend now on personalized services. A big percentage of families prefer the personalized funeral because there is more meaning to it. There are many funeral homes that will assist you in planning for your funeral. They can guide you with everything from the ceremony, program, legal aspects, and even up to your choices of songs to be played. A good funeral home can make you feel comfortable in the pre-planning for a funeral. They should be able to help you overcome the usual sense of doom when deciding on anything related to dying.

Cost of the Funeral.

As mentioned earlier, planning ahead is economically advantageous to everyone. You may choose to pay for the funeral services right away. There are also funeral homes that offer payment plans. These plans are the kind that you can pay on installment for a specific length of time until paid in full.

Consider the Wishes.

In planning ahead for funeral services, it is best to inform your family of your wishes. How you want your funeral done should be discussed with the family to avoid arguments and confusions later on. The plans that you want should be written and kept on file after you have discussed them with the family. You may want to consult with an attorney on legal matters as well. This goes the same when you are planning the funeral for a loved one.

Consult with Funeral Homes.

Feel free to consult with several funeral homes in your area. Ask for information on costs, funeral planning, reception and other related matters. The funeral home that can assist you with legal documents (death certificates, death benefits etcetera) should rate high on your list. You may also request for printed materials or brochures regarding their services.

It is also very important to pay them a visit to see what the reception area looks like. There should be enough space for the mourners as they offer their sympathies and encouragements. The location should also be quiet enough to encourage reflection.

Final Plans.

Make your decision regarding the final rest. Settle on the final plans by choosing between a burial, tomb or cremation of the remains. With a burial, you also have to buy a cemetery plot. This should also include the purchase of a casket and marker. If you prefer a tomb, this means that the casket will be placed in a tomb or a mausoleum. Cremation is burning up of the remains. The ashes are then placed in an urn or scattered. This decision is best if you have already consulted with family members.

Custom Funeral Services.

Services for the deceased have more meaning when these are personalized. The funeral should be a celebration of how the deceased lived his or her life. Everything should be custom-fitted according to your request.

Final Word

A funeral is very important to make known to those left behind that a life has ended. This also serves as closure to the bereaved. With a funeral, the finality of death is revealed but a new beginning is also promised.

The Materials of Golf shoes with Spikes

To make sure that you will get suitable golf shoes with spikes, it is best to take a closer look at the materials in making them. It is essential to know the types of materials that are available and which of the finished pair of shoes will be able to deliver the golfer to his or her victory.

The shoes with spikes can give the best foothold to the golfer to make him or her deliver the needed swing.

Leather Golf Footwear

Leather is the most famous material for a pair of golf footwear because it is durable, comfortable, and elegant. It is more breathable than any known material in making golf footwear.

The leather needs to undergo a certain process before it can be added to the outer part of the footwear. It is a waterproof material which makes it the ideal golf footwear to use during rainy weather. It should fit the outer part of the shoes tightly to make it look more appealing and elegant.

Golf ShoesA manufacturer sometimes includes a waterproof guarantee in every purchase of leather golf footwear. The price of leather shoes is relatively more expensive. Still, their quality and looks are far better than any material used in other golf footwear. Golfers will definitely get their money’s worth when they choose leather golf shoes.

Synthetic Leather Golf Footwear

Synthetic leather is the cheaper alternative for leather and it is non-porous, meaning it is not as breathable as leather. Synthetic leather can still protect the exterior part of the shoes. It is also lighter and thinner than leather. The shoes made from synthetic leather are more affordable than leather and golfers with limited budgets usually choose the synthetic one over leather for the mean time. Shoes made from synthetic leather do not have the same quality as leather shoes.

There are manufacturers that prefer using other cheaper materials that can give more breathability than synthetic leather.

Gore-Tex Golf Footwear

Gore-Tex is an ideal material for golf footwear and is known to give thick covering, sturdy, and waterproof shoes. Golf footwear made from this material is ideal to wear during cold weather. Even though it is considered a heavy-duty material, it is breathable and can provide the necessary comfort that the golfer’s feet need. However, the material is warmer than leather and it is best to avoid wearing shoes made from it during hot days.

Polyester Golf Footwear

Polyester is probably the least expensive material of golf footwear. Polyester is not as durable as leather or Gore-Tex and may not have the same quality, but it is good enough for a golfer who has a limited budget or for a beginner who is still learning the ins and outs of golf. Polyester is definitely comfortable because it is thin and light. Shoes made from it are good to wear during practice to avoid adding wear and tear to the good pair of golf shoes.

Metal Spikes

The grip or traction that the golf footwear provides can make or break a golfer’s game. The metal spikes can provide the right traction that the golfer needs, although they can be uncomfortable and gets troublesome as the game progresses. Expect them to feel heavier as time goes by and as the golfer feels tired.

The metal spikes give great anchorage and will definitely let the golfer deliver a perfect swing provided that the golfer has enough stamina to go on. They can be troublesome if they need to be replaced while the game is ongoing because it is not that easy to replace metal spikes. There are golfers who bring along extra shoes in the game just to make sure.

Plastic Spikes

Like metal spikes, plastic spikes can provide good anchorage but not as good as the metal spikes. Plastic spikes are softer and more comfortable than metal ones and most golfers find that more valuable. However, plastic spikes are not ideal for soft or wet grounds because they won’t be able to provide the right traction that the metal spikes can easily give.

Golf shoes are investments that can help a golfer achieve victory.

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Who carries Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are usually carried by military personnel, coming from various units. Carrying a challenge coin, being a long-standing tradition from the military, has always been considered a great honor. A soldier who carries a coin tells everyone else that he is a proud member of a unit, that he is part of a brotherhood of men who fought bravely for our freedom and served our country well. All branches of the military – Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard – follow the tradition and carry these special coins. In the military, a challenge coin is passed from one soldier to another using a “secret handshake”.

Soldiers from World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War all carried challenge coins in one form or another. In World War II, American soldiers carried pfennigs and conducted pfennig checks in Germany. A pfennig is the lowest German currency coin value. If a soldier doesn’t have one once a check was called, the soldier then buys drinks for everyone. The pfennig transformed to a medallion, and then evolved into coins.

custom challenge coinsThese days, the popularity of these coins has been extended beyond the military. The coins are used by other groups who value honor, brotherhood and unity such as police officers, law enforcers, fire fighters, and even politicians.

American presidents and vice-presidents even have their very own challenge coins. Presidential coins are especially minted and distributed based on significant events in a president’s term – one coin is for the inauguration, while another coin is a way to commemorate significant events in his administration, and a last coin is minted that will be sold to the general public. However, there is one rare presidential coin that only the president has the discretion to give. It is given by the president during special occasions to military personnel, foreign dignitaries, and VIPs.Former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have given a lot of coins, most notably to injured soldiers who have come back from overseas. President Barack Obama also hands out these presidential coins to soldiers.Former vice-presidents, such as Dick Cheney, have their own challenge coins as well.

From military personnel, coins are also being used by people from the federal government such as the White House staff and Secret Service agents. Law enforcers, firefighters, police officers, sports teams, performers and musicians, and even NASA also have their very own coins. The coins are actively traded among them. In law enforcement, a coin is valuable and is used to reward courage in the line of duty. It can also be given to highlight the skill and dedication of members of one unit.

When given to certain units, it boosts morale in the department. For firefighters, coins are used as a memento of recognition – usually acts of valor and courage that were manifested by these unsung heroes.

Specially crafted, customized coins are ordered by each sheriff’s office and fire brigade. Sports teams use coins to reward athletes who have contributed significantly to the team. The coaches usually give the coins to deserving members of the team. Coins also build camaraderie and teamwork for sports teams. Specially crafted coins are also given away or sold to fans during sporting events.

Other countries such as United Kingdom, Australia and Canada have adopted the tradition as well. British, Australian and Canadian servicemen also pride themselves in giving coins to their Armed Forces.

Because of the widespread use of challenge coins, their design have evolved and changed throughout the years. From merely having simple designs, they transformed into more colorful varieties with different shapes and even three-dimensional images.

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Cool Down While The Sun Is Up: The Basics of Misting Fans

What are Misting Fans?

From the name itself, a misting fanis an electric fan that blows mists of water into the air. Its main purpose is to cool the area and improveair circulation. This kind of fan is commonly seen during football games and outdoor occasions, especially those held during hot humid days.

How do Misting Fans work?

Misting FansTo better understand how this innovative device works, one should first understand the concept of humidity. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. Extremely high humidity usually occurs in hot dry climates; the hotter the weather, the higher the temperature, the more humid the atmosphere is. What this great appliance does is that they drop the temperature of the dry air by adding water vapor in the air and prolonging the cooling cycle– a process also known as evaporative cooling. This process, however, would only work in high temperature areas. It could therefore be seen that this device would not be as efficient in low humidity places. A great utilization method of the misting fan is the proper placing of the fan in areas with high humidity, which would consequently result in a higher temperature reduction.

The aforementioned mist produced by the fan is done by forcing water droplets with the use of a high-pressure pump. These water droplets would be filtered first before passing a nozzle with very minute openings, making the droplets more miniscule. The resulting droplets would then form the mist being sprayed by the fans and would evaporate almost instantly upon contact with air, causing a cool breeze in the surroundings.

To make sure that misting fans would in fact produce a thin mist rather than spray droplets, misting fan system should operate with a pressure of at least 1000 psi. With the given pressure, the resulting droplets would be 3-5 micron-sized, perfect for the thin mist effect. There are also three types of misting systems: low, medium, and high pressure systems. The system needed would depend on the application of the misting fan.

When did Misting Fans start?

The idea for misting fan actually started from evaporative coolers, which are devices that lower temperature and cool the air through the evaporation of water. The first ever form of air cooling is the windcatcher made by the Persians. This device consists of wind shafts located on the roof of the building. These shafts would catch the wind, make it go through a subterranean water to lower its temperature, and release the cooled air into the building. When the people saw how effective the system is, they started innovating the process to enable the air to cool faster and in a more concentrated area.

The first misting system started back in the 1950s. It was first made to address the heat issues of the livestock industry. The animal owners grew tired of continuously spraying their animals with water to prevent heat strokes and therefore thought of ingenious way of putting an industrial fan to direct the sprinkles of water towards the animals.

Seeing how efficient the misting system was, the people developed ways to make the droplets finer. The concept of misting then spread to restaurants as it was a more effective way of cooling the place without affecting the temperature of the food. Gradually, the misting fan found a place in the residential settings.

What made the misting fan’s popularity spread is the convenience of setting it up. At the present time, misting fans do not come with a complicated installation process, unlike other cooling alternatives like air conditions. Like a regular fan, it could just be placed in a corner or moved by carrying it around.